bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The coming of God into the sexy body of bob hickman is greatest event of all time

God CAME INTO MY BODY, LIKE A GHOST BODY, MY SAME SIZE., and showed me visions ministering spirits that looked like people and they said:: 9-19-2013-bob, hollie smiled, shook head, theres Gods hammo, singing, but looked like God and was God, thats children looking at this note and trembling, said hollie and Jesus, bobby, its deutchland, theres translation, thats you installing it hollie said, those people, its germany, all of deutchland, hollie showed, its like, light gray city drawing, like opened up, of germany, showed new ministering spirit with big nose, its, shaking, thats people appearing, like, egg shaped lit heads, bluish robed bodies, there troubled, bob its germany, hollie closed door, but she disappeared, thats, adolf hilter, appearing, I used him, it was Jesus, hollie said, thats Jesus speaking to hilter, telling him to move and, its in world war one, then explosion, where he was, I knew, God said, I raised him up, thats him eliminating populations, thats, what I want, thats to preserve natural resources, and I stamp, hollie did, big bear hand, bob is pastor brown, leave mark alone, hes know laughing, but knows something is coming, thats them in circle, its tonight, it was Jesus, hollie said, them telling, and anne speaking out, we will call the police, but, they cant, mark going, looking up in air, troubled, o.k., he said, thats hollie putting out door, for what he did to her, hollie showed, its r.m.s. titanic, two actors on front, they love, thats captain hollie, saluting like ships captain, hat disappeared, its, hollie cnn new reporter, stamping, showing that, he said, its red dragon, pope coming out, its im, the antichrist, he said, he pointed, turned dark, showed many kings, you see, these are the beast, putin said, theres medvedev shaking yes, and its, hu hintao and mexican president but signing, deal hollie said, its me, medvedev, said, theres lula, nicaraguan president, both signing, but, hey hollie said, thats nuclear fireball in nicaragua, she sees venezuela and brazil explode, but thats, chavez signing to, hollie sealed it up, you see, these are the beast, she said, 9-22-2013-raise your hands and repeat after me, bob let, hollie said, God said, showed its janette, have sex, let her leave, do it in church, bob the bible people, they let, but regret, God said, 4-19-2013-bob, hollie said, its Jesus, he spoke, appeared, he hollie hit at, its him, with roof fixing cement, he patched, there, hollie said, its done, do home, 4-18-19-20-its him, a she hollie said, God said, saluting like ship mate, its on board the s.s., hollie said, looked at bob, pointed, but face went blank, lusitania, there little angel face coming out, a she hollie came out, its him, wondering, looking to side, just uh little bit, hollie said, the new web, bobby, a she hollie said, came out, but she didnt speak but she did move lips, but there was somebody else there, thats many hammos they are, all bluish, dengy light color, some, over weight like dunlop tire people, man, but, its, email blasting again on facebook, now it works, its him, hollie with burgundy sweatshirt on, looked at Jesus, it made me frustrated God said, was messing with a little yellow being, kind of stretching, bob, 4-18-2013-bob, hollie said, came, its him, she wore burgundy sweatshirt, he rang, its the ships bell, stamps hollie, he hollie like shipmate, its, r.m.s. lusitania, theres ship sailing, with little angel face coming out, its the front part hollie said, its him, he hollie, like shipmate, saluting, no hat on, its on board the s.s. lusitania, theres ship, little angels face coming out, a she hollie came out, its him, she said, showed, turn, hollie showed, its rid-x, theres hollie rid x hammo, bob, thats him thats him putting septi tank packet in, use both, just use, mix both, I warned you, hollie came out, changed to rid x hammo, hes an angelic being thing, changed colors, now, dengy, bob hollie came out, like mothering, showed, its them, they, need to go, heres why, their crowd is, but, for the most part, vino nuevo indy, is dying, heres why, its, not, the bathrooms, its the want loot, 12-30-2013-bob, hollie popped, its, you left your account opened, and, hollie looked back, its young kid changing, he laughed, hollie had, burgundy sweat shirt on, bob, its cost you visions, God said, put back, on, hollie looked down, showed time, angelic hollie there, its light watch, hollie on dial, big golden gloved hands, burgundy sweatshirt, dark pants, designs in, like face, patial moon, bob, its antonio, hes not affeared anymore, put it under, lets, many said, he hollie appeared, happy, but, like white hollie, bob, hollie appeared, face not formed yet but white, and eyes to, and I stamp, she said, its beast carriage coming out, pope on red side, like angel of light, its pulled by these hollie said, many black horses, shes with one, stomps foot, happy face appeared, you see, she said, these are angred, good evening, hollie said, bob, its your face, sand, till I can stop, tearing it, saith God, 10-24-2013-he said, hollie said, with different voice, walked fast, from side, white dress on, whew we hollie said, in terror, hands on face, changed to another hollie but first terror hollie appeared, both in terror, its missile going down into new york exploded, sees statue of liberty, in dark background, its clear day, he hollie there, but its angry obama pressing nuclear button, whew we, hollie said, in terror, its uh massive network, she was in atmosphere, saw world, its like in, weather bulletins, like globes shaped like, blue ovals, and hollie saw, many countries exploded, theres nuclear fire in italy, hollie saw, beast pope riding his black horse, thats venezuela and brazil and nicargua and cuba on fire, but thats missiles heading toward america, boom hollie said, in somewhat terror, around texas exploded, hey she said, theres both american coasts exploding, but thats four britain submarines attacking russia, burned, but great britain and australia exploded, hollie saw one in canada, thats china on fire, hollie saw, whew, she said, but not in terror, its smoke going up in moons face, had sunglass on, moon, thats sun, its im, happy sun said, both at Gods interviewing table, moon put hand on bible, dressed nice, hollie showed turn, lit golden hands, 10-29-31-?-2013-bob, hollie said, showed, go, light watch on, Jesus on light watch, like cat, bob, hollie saw, its facebook, its hammo coming out, its like angelic dinsour head, hard to, its like faded, its blue, light, hard to see, like her body, not seen, she walked, very and body disappeared, only head seen at end, its you, your making, hollie saw, trouble, its, groups, its hammo, like partial skull dinosaur head think, hollie showed, turn, black sweatshirt, lit golden hand, tear up, hollie said, black sweatshirt on, golden, bob hollie thought, just slow down, thats your new language, its what they speak in brazil, its brazilian hammo appearing, like changing hammo, changing to like happy, different hollie drawing face hollie hammo, different face, hat on, its her clapping, showing, its both beasts, theres, its the pope and hu, hollie came out, was drawing but color appeared in, she thought, bob, keep septic tank clean, bob thats septic tank hammo, like angelic man, mainly head, of light but not shaked 11-1-2013-bob, Jesus rubbed chin, your translation, in jewish, its accurate, and here it comes, thats googlebot, like angelic head, cocky, bluish, but hollie showed, rinse, head not right, many will see, then you will get others to help, saith God, they will, and you will have it on, they will want you to stay, do, saith God, its pages, hollie said, showing, hands raised, showing, came out, laughed, bob thats man in france looking at, trembling, bob thats them all over world, soon, theres Gods old hammo hammo, going like cartoon character, blue face, hollie thought, rinse more, hes not right, but never was, theres him normal, but changed agin, bob, hands clapped, hollie went, its, speedway church of christ, they want like you there, go, bob, hollie left, its israel appearing, when we, she sid, its nuclear explosion, but missile sailed like orange, hollie thought, steak, arrow like, its three nuclear explosions, its, egypt, syria, and jordan on fire, but hollie points, raise your hands, she sang, nuclear fire in israel, thats angry netanyahu, its china, hu hintao, lets unite and force he said, thats putin appearing and its chinese forces, covering land, thats, them invading, hollie said, she went new hollie, like character, brownish color, just eyes in body, curly hair, its him, he hollie, its china forcing russia, its nuclear missile leaving, its, raise your hands and repeat after me hollie sang, thats king north coming against south, russia and china nuking each, both buring, thats, its israel exploding, missile from, its russia, hollie said, word, its christ on mountain, hollie had lighted hand, showed, bob go, its google, its him, hollie moodie, sticking, its pink colored tongue out, quick, its him and janette together, bob this time its for good, watch, hollie and God said, 6-12-2013-bob, hollie said, showed, its facebook hack hammo, hes angelic now, white light being, stomping, cause, bob its, you, pointed, hollie, causing great falling away, its on facebook, hollie said, bob, hurry hollie said, she went angelic, its big, but they all are, its reach, hollie and God said, bob, lets put it under, hollie showed, its walter, leave alone, hollie and God said, hes wanting to ruin you, saith the Lord, he wont, bob, its apostle c. hes acting like, wait hollie said, coming out, its Jesus, leaning up against, he said, Jesus came out, God leaned up against street clock, it was lit, dark, hollie laughs, then suddenly last summer, its motels, hollie and God said, it still sells well, both said, 6-13-2013-bob, its bishop charles, God said, hollie came out, showed, he lets you in pentecostal assemblies of the world, its, prelate, ellis, he doesnt want, but bends, meets, trembles, lets, put it under, many said, watch what I did, it was Jesus, hollie said, showed mow lawn, thats her on riding lawn mower, bob its hammo, hes bluish, angelic, roundish like face, but not quite, hes not acting like anything but got excited quickly, bob its janette coming along, red plad shirt, shes, theres moodie changing, looking good but shes, thats her working way back to him, but, its anal sex, but she stays, just watch, hollie showed, you got me, bob, hollie showed, its, in, hollie saw, its new ministering spirit, in dark background, it, laughed, was like, he hollie like head, laughing, snake like body, he is suspended, bob saw, its man, its swishing, its, listerene, hollie showed, bob it, hollie looks at, smiles, changes, claps hands, clean teeth, below gum line, hollie showed, its roadmaster, thats lead singer dead, that killed band, hollie came out, you see them, they were hard rockers, but, got old, saith god, 6-14-2013-its he hollie like shipmate, saluting, turning, hat on, white, its, hollie said, but, he, it faded, ship appeared, way off in the distance, like, shadow ship, hollie said, God said, hollie looked and saw, its apostle peter, he knows he has friend in you but thats hollie showing, no, loot, its peter appearing, smiling, but knows, lets put it under, its hilary, hes over it, but, he, thats him shaking, he, you knew hollie said, its trash dumpster, bob, its hollie, she was sneaky, but thats it, getting stuff out, hollie showed, turn, 6-15-2013-bob, it was Jesus, hollie said, blew, its, tom, he wants, trouble, God said, with hollie, both there, but Jesus, not seen to well, his head, hollie said, white clothes, bob its facebook hack hammo, thats him stomping, like angelic, he hollie, body not quite right either, its, intertubes, God said, stacked, but getting fat in middle, white but with blue in, like you put in bicycle, not happy this time, bob, hollie said, sh, she said, dont change number for awhite, just, hit the new mother, its, im Ministry of dreams, God said, appearing out of facebook account, 6-16-2013-bob, hollie showed, light watch, God and hollie said, its time, she said, theres janette, in jail agin, put it under, just watch, hollie came out, it was Jesus, taking up full frame, hollie showed turn, hollie showed turn, no, old man, hollie said, thats the old man, he worked on, lawn mowers, bob, hollie said, its him, he hollie, riding his lawn mower, bob fix, hollie showed, rinse more, hollie showed turn, he hollie, a she one said, 1-18-2014-bob, hollie shook head, one hand went on other, white, God said, bob, hollie showed, lets do something, she seemed determined, its hispanic woman, shes got children, shes college educated, but wont, its she flirts with, but wont, its, shes not, into, hollie showed, but wait, put it under, bob lets get out the loot hollie said, showed, she drive, went hammo, but changed back into, its, like hollie, white, turn, hollie showed, she went home, took bath, golden gloved hands, but her expression was, not normal, hollie like angelic hollie of light, grabbed, its big receiver, bob its a monster, your going to see and run to, put it under, its like that, hollie said, pioneer sx-1980, they said, hollie said, she saw, changed, above, room full of, its hollie she said, him, he hollie, its like, mouths, its like, halloween mouths, boo they chant, one he hollie there, showed, its septic tank, with its angel, like ghost, big black mouth, showing bob, empty out most way, thats septic tank angel, in, septic tank, both angels, hand, brought together, showed, its complaint, septic tank angel said, empty most way out, now, 6-17-2013-hollie came out, Jesus like bear showed turn, hollie looked at light watch, bob its time, she said, janette in jail again, put it under, hollie said, God, bob fix mower yourself, God said, bob, hollie showed, its, blackie lawless, hes wasp, hollie showed, that sealed it up, bob, hollie showed, its, janette, thats her with uh black eye, thats Jesus looking at, pictures frames, its like they are undeveloped, that, lighted she hollie said in one, wearing white clothes, its the new world order forming, theres pope and hu hintao, you see, seal it up, hollie showed, sealed, its both beasts, thats them going in opposite directions, thats hintao on red horse, its he hollie, in red flying saucer, its spaceship, thats him firing, lasar weapons, thats nuclear fires in taiwan, but scene spins, thats hollie fighting, its hintao on red horse, its, in america, thats chinese strike but ship being struck and leaves, theres, its captain hollie, thress ohio class subs, they, its, them showering, they nuke china, burns, they, theres russian president putin, wow, he said, laughing, hollie came out, theres God, standing by, its street clock, thats face on clock, not happy but its Gods face, hollie showed, theres two, these two are one, she pushed God and Jesus together, God was light face in clock, hollie showed, turn, red hand, a she one said, 6-18-2013-no, she said, both, hollie, God said, it, he appeared, hollie came out, showed, walk, dress on, its hollie going back to, its library, thats library hammo, its like, head, like baby face of bluish light, he said, hollie said, showed, hollie appeared, with like dress on, but skirt size, it had, like has curtain has, wrinkles in, thats hollie on stage, big brown, its, stage, curtain, brown curtain, hollie was on stage with, showed, sleep, 1-10-2011-tell him, said, its hollie cheriumb, wiped her lips, I'm coming to india, expect, said, Jesus, wipes lips cheribum, put it under, hollie said, you got what you wanted, said, hollie said, Jesus, you see ravi lanka, said, it, hollie said, another, hollie, bob sees us ministing spirits in visions, put it on ministry of dreams, said, it Jesus, thats it on the front page of, said, God, call it ministryofdreams, Jesus, thats it on the front page of, said, God, call it ministryofdreams, Jesus said, bob this guy, God said, wants you to get removed from all thieves, saith the LOrd, I showed my hand, there is still a nail in, like uh lighted nail, said, it hollie, bob put it on, thats, the ministry of dreams, angel appearing, like white round head, 6-26-2013-bob, hollie said, showed, go, thats bob running, its, in basement, of new world order, hollie stamped, its your church, she said, it appeared, but face yawned, face came out, like ball face, angelic ball, hollie and God said, bob, hollie showed, talk little, she moved lips, but speech not heard, hollie and God said, its janette, she came back tonight, but left, but, will go back, thats her in jail, then she calls you, but its to late, she gets life, but gets out in ten years, put it under, lets, many ministering spirits said, bob, hollie said, bobby, its pastor mark, hes, im gonna ask you something, is pastor brown, its, thats him grunting, hiding his face, will you give, donate church, he said, lease, bob, hollie smiled, licked lips, its janette, again, shes, its red plad coat on, not underwear, moodie licks lips, blue tongue, its, thats anal sex agin, bob, its, this time, she stays, tell mark hellow, leave alone, bob, heres how you build uh ministry, thats cards, make out new or used old, write phone number on, get phone numbers, hollie showed, God will have cross paths, dont offer people anything, but, thats hollie speaking at, its new world order apostolic church, and I stamp, hollie said, angel round ball face comes out of church building, but, beast pope, rides black horse, hollie comes out, its, cloudy like set, in grayish, design like, hollie showed, turn, long golden like hand, its golden, 6-27-2013-hollie sang, like ozzy osbourne, bob its jack, he knows about you, and wont do it, but, it wouldnt help, saith the Lord, bob, hollie got, its new library card, she used it, bob its janette, she comes back, just red plad coat, no bottom, its moodie, licking lips, blue tongue, but so quick, but thats it in slow motion, bob, just, be gentle, its, they dont want you there, but just be, gentle, hollie showed, thats hollie wearing same red plad coat janette wore, bob you see, she brought it together, thats you and her, its at, new world order apostolic church, thats angel face like egg, saying, yes, big, bluish, bob, he said, hollie showed, sit down, had dress on, it, was like, light yellow, tanish, color, with blue in but theres like, its, watch kristen, she will come back, but to trap, lure you, but wont, 6-28-2013-bobby, its nigger, hollie said, she, thats her appearing, It, I want sex, they both said, put it under, bob, Jesus said, thought, pay ten, and screw, fur the rest of your life, with her, and many, saith God, bobby, hollie came out, like celebrating, bobby, sh, she said, this woman will call and want sex, but tell her before you get her, then she will know, I want money, woman said, tell her for sex, and she will, hollie, like bit lid off, its fleetwood mac, bobby, they still tour, its christi mcvie, shes old now, thats, grace slick, they are almost same age, both seventy, but both still having fun, bob its, God enters like body, thats hammo, like, its bluish face, with like roof over, it, just, roof outline, blue setting, blue background, but outlined face and roof, its hollie, space flying saucer, of light, its, different colors, making, its warning, beeping noise, its bobby, that fired from all directions, hollie showed, then appeared america, theres, its massive she said, were under attack, showed, terror, new york, its under attack him, hollie said, its Jesus, many now laughing, doreen and kristina, both said, new york, hollie danced, wearing, its old, long dress, blue and, different colors in, she said, hollie said, git walkin, hollie showed, its he hammo, like drawing in blue, happy, but in blue, bob thats foot stomping but, was it his, like bluish light foot, thats the clearest definition of holy ghost baptizm, 6-29-2013-bob its him, be nice, hollie showed mother, hes, afraid, cause they dont trust you, its the police, hollie said, God said, they called and made a report but nothing can be done, without proof, God and the detective said, bobby, its, hollie said, blew balloon, theres he hollie on, hes not happy, hollie showed, its in blue, background, on balloon, bobby leave them alone, hollie said, she saw, its facebook, owners, they are mad, but get over it, put it under, hollie wont go to jail, like they want, God said, bob, leave it alone, God said, bobby, hollie said, dont lock, unlock other, bob, hollie showed, october seventh, nineteen seventy five, eighty five, montgomery, alabama, hollie showed, turn, bob its over thirteen hundred friends, theres facebook hack hammo, like, lighted, its him, he hollie, like stomping, but foot not seen, but it was there, lighted clothes, skin, same color, its, light bluish, and even lighter blue, that was hollie, like, not lit up very good, that was hollie like, God said, wiped lips, hand not seen, its him appearing, over weight hollie, showing, its restaurant, bob, hollie said, showed, monkey, on the van, bob, pointed, hollie, God said, fix it on top, people like it, there it is, monkey on van, but hollie came out, it, sucked thumb, but stopped, bob, hollie said, came out, keep account, stay, hollie showed, alert, its he hollie, but hollie showed, but like him, 12-26-25-27-2013-bob, hollie showed time, she, quick, God said, Jesus looked at watch, hollie on lighted dial, big red, gloved hands, bobby, bob, hollie said, its time, she said, looked at watch, same hollie on, lighted dial, but, she was white, 12-28-2013-bob, its the brazil, hollie said, and showed, God said, Jesus looked at watch, lighted dial, hollie on, bob, hollie pops out, burgundy sweatshirt on, showed, get busy, post, but went hollie hammo, like bug of light face, hollie showed, big hand, its him, he hollie, hollie looks for hollie showed, it rained, white submarines, hollie showed turn, lit golden hand, bob, hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, bob, hollie showed time, she, did something, 12-19-2013-bob today, saith GOd, you embarrased me, shamed me in germany, and vietnam, telling I would save, if they tell and they are, many, but none will git saved, put it under, hollie showed, cut it off, wait, bob I am not going to, be able to have uh world, much longer, saith God, go ahead, destroy me and I will build anew, 6-30-2013-bob, hollie looked around, stay away from that, look, its, green grim reaper, God said, hes got uh cycle in his hand, showed account, rubbed chin, turned, but also turned into God, bobby, its hollie said, God said, Jesus, hollie said, her, she said, but was hammo him, like happy, partial face he hollie, but white, with black, God fell from his word, Jesus appears, face not all the way there, this did it, God said, the page, with hollie he hammo on it, brought the end, bob, its, him again, white angelic, over weight, he hollie, stomping, wearing like, its not dress but like long shirt, has design on, theres like, animal head like rabbit, its forming, bob, hollie was white, but not happy, hes, thats him pulling sleeves up but turning ghost, its ghoul, its ghost man, hes in, its profile picture on, its, holy ghost enters like body, page, bobby, shut down, hollie said, and showed, hollie, saw, its, honda west, she was happy, they moved from thirty eighth street, God said, its to, fishers indiana, but hollie pulled sleeves up, its because, I want loot, owner said, young, looking man, he grunted, thats to, its property taxes, in indianapolis, to much, its he hollie hammo, appears, worries, showed, its high taxes, angelic, white, dull body, wow, hollie said, showed, its over two hundred million people can be reached by bob, she appeared, hollie said, done did it, new york, its doreen and kristina, but looked like doreens brother, kristeen stuck head out, its under attack him, hollie said, she shoved Jesus but changed, angered, just leave it alone, screamed, it was hollie, he hollie, showed, git walking, golden like skirt on this time, its, hollie showed do things, but upper not seen but it was there, it appeared, she came out, showed, its tiffany, call the police, but thats police hammo, like, angelic being, he is, befundled, hollie said, what do I do, if I call bob, he didnt do it, if I call tiffany, i didnt see, let it rest, police officer, said, showed, 7-1-2013-bob, hollie said, its antonia, he gave you the money, like hollie showed, jus let them, he hollie appeared, happy, hollie jammed, bob, she said, had, its new stereo receiver, its uh big one this time, its pioneer, said, its Jesus, hollie and God said, this is uh war right here, hollie said, God said, its, hollie sang, nuclear fires along america coasts, hollie saw from high above, bobby, hollie said, its, hells fake God said, its angelic grim reaper like uh skull, its dark robe hat on, theres rest, him not seen, its hollie said, showed, close it up, your moving it to another account said, its, hollie, bob its hollie hammo like, not really wanting, just her face, bob its, post for jobs, thats, you applying, its you, theres Gods hidden hammo singing, but appeared, like different hammos, like angelic JEsus, white face with red, but he hollie, similar, its Jesus, laughing, now, thats bob, doing live radio, Jesus, was, hollie said, its for them, the a.m. station, it reaches over a quarter of a million people, thats who hollie said, thats, woman that owns she wants husband, but its not him but they would, its upload hammo, its like, shes outlined in red, partial face, it, white background, had, she showed, its upload, flashdrive, bob its make resume, its hollie grunting, thats, come on she said, on stage, theirs curtain thats burgundy, big, hollie showed, had with, coverend background, theres people there, hollie showed, turn, with, its, fire colored hand, like orange, 1-8-2014-bob, hollie made popping noise, God is ripping your face, and laughing, and you are, screwing it up, hollie said, its many, decieved now, God said, telling, save yourself, but not, the info, and, ruining it, saith God, 12-13-2013-bob hollie was in snow, god said, she had coat on, bob its anal sex, hollie and god said, its janette agin, hollie said, she will come back, thats her with plad coat on, no unders, bob she is, thats her showing off golden wedding ring, hollie in, burgundy swatshirt on, bob its vietnam, and i stamp, hollie said, bob you will get indexing in time, bob hollie drove, it ferrari, gt-40, its over two hundred miles per hour, its high maintenence, hollie said, put it under, hollie showed cut it off, god said, bob, go, God said, hollie showed, its the other library, they wont put you out, its, God in uh room, like light man, not to into it, hollie left, him in there, hollie screamed, when ya gonna eat bob, hollie said, she ate chicken, face appeared on, happy, turned to birdy 12-15-2013-bob, its, hollie showed, hammo, like angelic hollie face, thats, church for lease again, bob this time it goes thru, bob, hollie skipped, its now for lease again, its church, thats new world order apostolic church, its hammo there like angelic hollie, he, like, in circle, near top of building, like sign on, but now quite, hes in like, cloudy like scene but different colors, like, hollie thought, its hard to describe, but its, like, had like blue, triangles around, like triaxle, flags, 12-13-2013-hollie like a vampire, laughs, hes, whale wars, its, paul watson, looking at, bob i told you saith God, paul would wind up go to jail, now hes running but bob wants him free, its for ramming boats, he will get life, but wont go, but now he is in hiding on the boats, lets put it under, hollie showed sleep, 12-16-2013-its remirez, hollie said, shes, looking around, and, sneaky, laughs, but, she, loved you, tell her, you are cool, but dont wait, bob, God showed, its church, vine neuvo iglesia, antonia and crowd, antonio is showing fear, bob, write and tell, stay out of backyard or God will make me put out, tell him you are not accusing nobody but keep, seeing tire tracks, and they come from the pastors drive way which more cars park on, tell him, 10-9-2013-he said, hollie said, showed walk, slow, at church, its, speedway church of christ, hollie said, spoke it, hollie and God said, put it under, lets, she said, he hollie appears, sad, but soon, its sex agin, God said, then marry, another, after jail, saith God, its hardcore anal sex, she bob, stays, its cause, God is sick of being embarrased, thats group chat hammo, bob its picking up, soon you will send out thousands of emails, with translations saith God, hollie showed turn, lighted golden hand, she said, hollie said, showed get goin, but was, going fast, hollie came out, its craigslist hammo, like, hollie showed the words, craigslist, eyes coming out, 10-12-2013-bob hollie shook head, looked at light watch, Jesus on like cat, red gloved, big hand, its covered bridge festival, hollie said, happy, its in mansfield, its terre haute, theres terre haute, brazil hammo appearing, hes like, bluish face, like pointy, points coming out of, like thorns, hollie pointed turn, golden finger, bob its you, 10-13-2013-HOLLIE POINTED GO, GOLDEN LIGHTED FINGER, HOLLIE LOOKED IN DUMPSTER, SHE GOT IN, FILLED, ITS SECOND BAG, BOB LOOK AT ALL THESE CHIPS, SHE SAID, HOLLIE ATE, HOLLIE SHOWED, ITS GENE SIMMONS, HES OLD NOW BUT STILL TOURING, THATS HIM SINGING, ITS ROCK GROUP KISS, HOLLIE LOOKED FOR WAY TO GO, HE HOLLIE, HIK, SHE SAID, SHOWED, KEEP GOING STRAIGHT, HAND NOT SEEN BUT IT APPEARED, LIKE RED GLOVED, HOLLIE CAME OUT, BOBBY, SHOWED, JUST WAIT, IT WILL WORK OUT, ITS FACEBOOK, HOW TO GIT UH MILLION LIKES, HOLLIE SAID, SHE LOOKED, FACEBOOK HAMMO CAME OUT LIKE BIG FACE, BLUISH, COMING OUT OF, ITS THE WORD, FACEBOOK, its pay me, facebook hammo, said, bob it costs about one thousand dollars, hollie showed, its man in wheel chair, bob thats Jesus telling, where, give me my money, God siad, pocketed the money but showed, there wasnt any, it disappeared, bob, give money, its away from the church, its bob changing to hollie, like workman, its, hollie came out, clapped, like, playball, Jesus standing up against street clock, speedway indiana, but hollie saw, vision changed, street clock just had lighted face, little roundish nose, some grayish in face, hollie, showed, bob go to church, its bob jogging out, its, new world order apostolic church, thats its angel appearing, its hammo like round big face, with hat on, its designer, hollie, same hollie clapped, its janette coming back, moodie stuck light tongue out, bob its you and her at church at first, then people coming, 1-9-2014-bob, hollie thought, looked, stunned, its, she sang, raise your hands and repeat after him, jaq, hes curious, hes the one, that ends this, dont let, just dont talk for awhile, God said, put it under, Jesus looked at his watch, go downtown, bob walked, now heres what you do bob, God said, hollie appeared, hands raised, its, I give up, white hands, put it under, lets, many said, he hollie appears, bob, God thought, its Jesus, hollie said, these people cant take that, thats them trembling, when, they find out, you have the holy ghost, me, God said, bob, thats, your root, growing, and its, now, sinking into, that, hollie said, its, united pentecostal church international, and, that, hollie pointed, the people are, weak, dont, saith God, tell them, what I do to you, saith the lord, hollie showed, walk, with lighted foot, but, she was like, dancing with, its, be nice, saith God, bob, hollie said, quietly, showed do something else, its snow coming down, rose laughs, but knew, its you, bob, she knows, loves, but you are a pastor, she said, grow up, but neither did, God said, bob, pastor paul, with laugh, many from indiana bible college, tremble him, and tim, but they, bobs friends, they like you, saith God, bob, hollie showed, like circle with hands, like, white gloved hands, but, burgundy sweatshirt on, hollie said, 1-10-2014-bob, hollie made, God said, its popping noise, with mouth, its, raise your hands and repeat after me, God said, hollie appeared, showed, brush teeth more, but, tooth brush not seen, but it was there, like golden brushes, red handle, he hollie appears, like flower, happy, but got old, 10-14-2013-bob, its, angel lopez, putting out antonio now, and you pastoring, God and hollie said, and the people like you, but want, food, thats it, buy, cook, offer, and you will put it under, thats janette joining and helping, and living with, saith God, bob, hollie beat hand on other, showed, just be cool, still, its been long enough, to long she said, but may, hollie thought, wont be any longer, you will have, its your very own wife, or thats God, embarrased, ashamed, God said, laughing, Jesus like child, laughing to, bob its radio show jobs, you can advertise yourself, thats people looking at, thinking, why should I, bob hollie bit lid off, showed, its go to new library, make new accounts, bob hollie bit lid off, had striped shirt on, black and, its light golden stripes, bob its send out emails to rock stars, hollie showed its catholic church, she had white clothes on, she showed sleep, 1-11-2014-bob, one year ago, your lost your, and I stamp, said hollie like doggy, happy, God said, dodge aries k, bob, come on, hollie said, showed lay down, clapped while in bed, burgundy sweatshirt still on, wide awake, its, your wife, home for good, bob that will go away, put it under, hollie showed sleep, bob, hollie was in bed, restless, burgundy sweatshirt on, nude underneath, but hey she said, that, was, janette to, under covers, hollie brought it toghether, bob just wait, 10-16-2013-bob, hollie said, showed, beat it back, she was heavier, but, went to church, on time, God said, bob hollie bit, its golden glove, showed now, its molly and your wife, now hollie sees, she said, thats why its the end of the world, God gave bob a wife and takes to mock and hollie says, uto, its the reason you told her, put it under, thats called, janettes revenge, hollie was there, hollie showed, let them go, bob its antonio, angering, hes now afraid, he thinks, lord we had to sell food but knew not to and didnt make any money, but now were out, bob theres remedy God and antonio said, bob, a hat appeared on hollie, its time to work, she works, thats her as nurses aid, hollie showed turn, hat was on, hollie showed turn, golden lit hand, showed bob its girl, take it easy, its sex but in time, put it under, bob just do, try, 10-17-2013-bob, hollie showed, blew on hand, showed, go to church, but be careful, they dont want you, bob, hollie showed, its, maker God enters like a body, its hammo, see, its hammo said, its cartoon drawing of girl, round head, but, hollies voice, its new ministering spirit, its Just another, hollie, but lets call her, its daphne, she changed into, its like the main ministering spirit, but not quite, bob, hollie thought, its, she drove beer truck, kneck, just body, weeble hollie, they know now and tremble, watch pastor, ask you to join church, do, for no reason, tell him, no, cause its to small, he wont care, saith God, bob, hollie showed, its catholic church, she had first spot again, got out, she walked, got drink, she said, hollie said, clapped hands, showed, get going, white dress on, turned to side, like on the move, but golden stripe at bottom, its jagged, like halloween pumpkin smile mouth, golden, has like, its him, he hollie hammo in, like drawing of he hollie, somewhat, hollie showed turn, light golden lit hand, like, its, yellow like, hollie showed, reluctant, its lakeview christian church, bob, you want a wife, you wont find one there, heres why, those women are all looking but most of the older are secure and not wanting just one man, 10-21-2013-bob, hollie shook, dont terrorise him, hes young, that him knowing, already, saith the king, hollie points, get it right, its right hammo birdy appearing, like white bird, bob hollie showed, its sonico ministryofdreams, its hammo, its like, she showed, white face, white background, same as face, hollie drew face in white page, there it is like, hollie sonico ministry of dreams, but, different, shes, showed, its the beast, pope like drawing, its the beast hollie said, I am God pope said, there he is on black horse but hu hintao appeared to, hollie showed, seal it up, its both beasts, thats red dragon, its got like horns going up its back, thats kings popping out, theres president of mexico, its hu hintao and putin, theres pope on top, its i am we are god, they said, hollie claps, saw, explosion, seal it up, but theres brazilian president shaking no but signing, its uh deal medvedev said, with me, theres castrol and nicaraguan president, hollie showed, bob seal it up, but saw kim jong to, there you have it, theres beast with seven heads and ten horns, theres putin with ten horns on head, theres one with eyes like man, its, theres Gods old hammo singing, angelic man, its the antichrist system, hollie said, showed bob go to church, be quiet, you see, hollie said, only part of face appeared, she was happy, showed mow lawn, click, bobby stay away from end times, thats her going down, its red dragons back with like horns on, like pointy scales, that are on like, its aligator, its beast with seven heads and ten horns, on red dragon flyings, thats michael and his angels making war with, casting beast down to earth, beast changes into, its pope like angel of light, its I am god, he said, wants to make war, its with all people, thats him riding black horse, people of world watching and wondering, its they love him, bob, its hollie saw, its facebook about to expire, its change date, to get, its lengthend, its hollie showed facebook hammo smiling, hes like drawing of golden, drawing face, happy, like birdy, but not quite, but she came out, like drawing herself, its just lines drawed on page into face, 10-22-2013-bob, hollie showed, flying red dragon, its driven by pope, like angel of light man, theres kings appearing on, hollie showed, seal it up, there was putin and medvedev, hu hintao and boris yeltsin, hollie saw, its kim jong and its his son now in charge, thats them all signing, its uh, deal, with me, medvedev said, bob its janette, its moodie sticking tongue out again, its anal sex, janette wore red plad coat, moodie dengy robe, but, bob, hollie showed, seal it up, she wont, come, thats her shaking, afraid, shes young, let her be, hollie put weight back on, showed, its both beasts, theres, its pope and hu hintao, its him, he hollie, on, its red flying saucer, looking both ways, firing both directions, its attack on washington state, but taiwan exploded, its captain hollie like, different hollie, in three ohio class subs, rising, its they shower, thats part of china exploding, whew putin said, laughing, its medvedev just throwing pencil, both saying, lets shoot, kill, medvedev said, putin was not wanting to, but thats medvedev pointing gun, putin with nuclear controls, presses, hollie saw, whole world, its uh massive network, she said, its many countries exploding, you see these, its, we are, the nuclear g8, putin said, its beast red dragon rising out of like light dragon, changed to red, hollie showed, seal it on, had halo on top of light, but halo turned into, its popon, hollie said, he had eyes like man, its i am God pope said, changing into overweight, short man, bob hollie got, its sweat pants, tried on, thats her, its you never changing, hollie showed, turn, lit golden arm, soon be working, hollie said, she worked, its eby brown, thats her starting in warehouse, hot on, its like, hat of light, she sang, pope, bob its pastor miles, hollie put out, both, watch, soon, its theres Gods old hammo, singing, hollies looked for way to go, many appeared, 10-23-2013-bob, hollie shook, devil tells me you aint going to that church agin, she said, showed, git, hollie showed, walk fast, he wanted you out, its cause you have the holy ghost, God said, he appeared, hollie said, its red dragon flying by, hollie showed, cellphone, its pope like angel of light man, on screen, its I am God he said, theres putin, its, im the antichrist, he said, cleared throat, coughed, but smiled, medvedev came over, shoot he said, thats putin pushing nuclear trigger, hollie saw, world, its like, in weather bulletins, like two globes but shaped like ovals, saw countries exploding, thats missiles sailing, thats great britain on fire, hey hollie said, thats four british subs attacking russia, she said, missiles fly, whew, wow, man, hollie said, another saw, its attack under here, thats great britain exploding, australia with one, but thats missile leaving there, italy, nuclear fire in, thats both american coasts burning, but hey hollie said, hollie with terror in eyes appeared again, its russia exploding, saw many missiles heading that way, its on the day of the Lord, thats pope like an angel of light, in sky, its dark and cloudy, its pope riding his black horse, its putin, he said, mevedev to, thats him, signing deal, its with me, medvedev said, its i am God he said, its we wont let ya, hu hintao said, hollie like two horned beast appeared, like spacebeast, red, thats coming out of its horns, its hu hintao and emperor of japan, its them at table with pope, thats signing, its peace treaty, 666, but before, hollie in terror saw, whew, its hegoat pope, with, its putin and hintao coming out of horns, thats russian missiles, aimed at china and china exploded, but many missiles left china, russia exploded, then back at table, its 6 6 6 peace treaty, its popes face tattood on arm, thats 6 6 6 on his forehead, hollie showed turn, showed, bob put some gas in van, put eight from now on, bob its hollie on guitar, she showed sleep but, was she hollie showing rest, bob thats you turning it on, and it working, rocking, thats music coming out, bob hollie thought, in two years, you will make your own music, hollie put hand over mouth, aw, she said, its nuclear explosion, many, its on the island of japan, thats missiles leaving there, striking, its china, exploded, hollie saw, fireballs, went into terror, 10-25-2013-hollie smiled, big teeth, whew hollie said, put hands on face, in terror, saw its hollie driving his, its nuclear aircraft, its stealth raptor fighting jet, thats it dropping bombs, hey she said, its alaska on fire, hollie thought, I thought, thats, stealth jet flying, thats chinese, its russian to, hollie saw, its jets flying, striking america, exploding, but saw world, in ovals like on weather channel, and its, italy burning, thats canada with two massive fires, hollie went into terror, whew, she said, saw its facebook, bob put up new pages, give names, hollie saw, call next one, its prophecy on the ministry of dreams, look hollie said, saw picture, looked afraid, its pope, its him on black horse, thats hu hintao on red, you see, these two, hollie said, she wore coat, went into terror, she saw, said, they are both beasts, thats them going seperate ways, pope into, its russia, hollie came out, it appeared, words, hintao, china, its the red dragon, hollie said, affeared, pope on top riding, other kings appeared, hollie screamed, 9-3-2012-hollie showed, dont, but he did, hollie showed, its prophecy tellers group, now over four thousand strong, its hammo lighting up bright like angelic head, but grayish white, dull grayish color, no, hollie showed, rinse more, hes not happy, hollie showed, thats prophecy tellers hammo showing, teeth, its numbers growing, bob its big already, hollie said, he said, git walking, hollie showed, quickly, wore dress, hat, designer, white top, brown, in front part that sticks out, its hat hollie said, wore, its monkey sitting on van, van and van hammo appearing, hes angelic head, but like dinosaur head, kind of, but not quite, hollie showed, rinse, she was dressed like pentecostal, they chant, hollie said, its, boo, its God like light God, grabbing, its light janette, warrior hollie appeared, just looking, o.k. not lets see hollie said, dealt the grayish cards, but she was changing, hollie showed, go, tear up, she was, like, triangle shaped animal like hollie, furry, brown, hollie showed, its reach for group, its somewhat hard to make out, golden like hammo Father appearing, its, likes page, bobby their both the same, hollie said, both, you will see, 9-3-4-5-?-2-13hollie comes out, it was Jesus hollie and God said, hollie showed, he was sitting on something, but suspended in air, its Gods new hammo, hollie and God said, hes like, lighted dinosaur head, bobby its borontasaurus, God said, stop the bickering, dinosaur said, mouth opened showing teeth, showed bobby its group, keep it, dinosaur said, Hollie appeared and thought, had white face with two red stripes going down but they were near mouth but not quite God said, thats janette, its your wife hollie said, shes coming bobby, heres the sign, now raise your hands and wait un minute, theres God hammo hollie said, hes changing but hollie showed rinse more, What did i say hollie said, with uh little air sound in her voice, but wait theres gods new hammo hollie said, its like an angelic being of light God said, but thats, its home hollie said, Gods hammo sang, hes same oh being but going normal somewhat, god said, bobby, it was JEsus, hollie said, showed her light watch, it has face on, but was rough, like beardy, hollie said, im the watch, the watch said, God said, hollie came out, showed, its the red dragon, God said, theres seven heads, hollie walked out, like pentecostal, she said, wore dress, its uh designer dress, hollie, I looked mexican, she said, like seniority, pastor said, im the beast, its , pope hollie said, theres the mexica n president, looking afraid, God said, but sign, its, hollie said, the russian leader, thats america exploding, bobby its from all around, hollie said, but, wait uh minute she said, theres hundreds of missiles flying, its, on the day of the Lord, hollie said, its world shaking, and moon wearing sun glasses, its git facebook codes, hollie said, jumping, its hammo appearing, like somewhat partial light face, head, kneck, which was long but not seeming happy, like, really stunned, hollie mowed church lawn, hollie showed, turn, golden hand but thought, showed, keep going straight, red gloved hand, but, wait, hidden hollie said, appeared, bluish face, but not, mostly blank, things changing, its facebook, hollie said, its hammo appearing, bobby it works, thats terri mullenax, I see the Lord in a vision and: Jesus appeared with chin in hand, but face mostly blank, hollie said, they are both the same, saith the King, and you knew it, God pointed, hollie said, at, its, danny, hollie said, 6-6-5-7-bobby hollie said, see, she said, hes gone, she pointed up, he wont get the job, but will stay there, and take lower position, its, God thought, hes to wierd, showed, its, bobby, he said, hollie said, showed, git walking, she was serious, hollie had, its, hollie said, turn, hollie showed turn, like, another, hollie showed, a different hollie, different skinned, hollie said, hollie showed, its, devaire sanders, bobby, thats you opening account to new password page, and, facebook hammo looking, like angelic face, happy, hollie and God said, hollie shows turn, like, another, hollie comes out, she one this time, different hollie, him, 6-8-2013-see that, hollie said, like shipmate, hat on, but disappeared, it was white like captain, its s.s. lusitania, hollie on waving, bob, hollie didnt speak, showed, with hand, he will be gone soon, thats, Jesus moving him away, its to keep peace, bubba, hollie said, showed picture, its pope, another, hollie looks, theres blue background, its, i am the beast, putin said, theres seven heads and ten horns popping out of his head, its, were the nuclear g8 putin said, with the g eights voice, its nuclear missiles flying, thats many countries exploding, thats world shaking, Jesus high above, thats america exploding, its, submarines all around, boom, theres great britain, its showering, hey, hollie pointed, many missiles left america to, its russia, boom, she said, but thats missiles leaving there, striking, thats australia on fire, theres a missile leaving italy but another missile striking it, its missile defence, but its another left italy, thats russia burning, but thats italy exploding, hollie said, seal it up, thats fires in australia, theres fires in mexico, thats venezuela and brazil burning, thats, shew, its moon man, theres sun, its im, sun said, happy, but smoke goes up, its, were comfounded, one said, sitting at, its Gods interviewing table, hand stamps, its white, hollie showed, its free lance reporters, bob tell them, thats one writing, peoples magazine, and, peoples magazine hammo, like angelic being, of white light, with like grayish outline, showing hammo, thinking, but wadding up, throwing away, see that, Jesus, and hollie said, its, GOD ENTERED ME LIKE A BODY, bob theres, its, God man hammo, rising up, hollie showed, being, like, hollie thought, hard to, similar to torpedeo, but white angelic like face on, hollie showed, go, bob hollie was acting different, its the connect, urban outreach saturdays, nine p.m., bob go, theres many people there, they are spanish, hollie showed turn, bobby dont mess with, thats its, she said, its antonio, leave alone, hollie showed, get oil changed, its, buisness, give to them, hollie showed, go that way, heres why, bob, go to account, get friends, let me see, its the new york times, that, hollie said, thats paper spinning, stopping, its popes picture on front page, i am God, its ponty, he said, hollie said, 6-9-2013-bob, its Jesus, hes ripping your face, hollie and another said, God said, God is caressing your penus with electricity, and deseasing your gums, this is torture, Jesus said, God said, put it under, lets, many said, God showed cut it off, go into the world and be embarrased or die, I make my servants backslide, but you are causing the great falling away, im brought down by a five foot, three inch man, saith Jesus, you see hollie said, its were the nuclear g8, putin appeared, its hollie facebook hammo stomping like angelic doggy, dunlop tire built body many but shades of, light color or blue in white in tires, round like, angelic tire man, bobby its facebook hacking, theres facebook hack hammo appearing, like angelic bug face, brownish but laughed, bobby, hammo showed, changing to more like man, but still seen head, head like, hollie showed, like beak on top, design in hair or, skull, bobby its skeleton laughing, hollie and God said, it, skeleton showed page, tear, wadd it up, hollie said, with like echo, in voice, theres, God entered me like a body, page, its doing well, bob thats twenty two thousand, likes soon, hollie saw, its paper spinning, thats it stopping, popes drawing on front page, its, i am God he said, its, were the nuclear g8, putin said, pope turned into, im the beast, its oh vladimir, hollie said, hes the antichrist, its ponty, thats, idol shephard, slash appearing, its hu hintao doing, thats armies from south and king of north, gathered there together it, its israel, stamps, hollie, hands seen but scene spins, hey whats that, hollie said, its nuclear missiles sailing, thats israel exploding, christ standing on mountain, but hollie saw missiles flying out, hollie changed, thats jordan, syria and egypt on fire, thats massive explosions, but hollie saw anther, its russia on fire, hollie showed turn, but saw, hey, your going the wrong way, hollie showed turn, its him, a she one said, hollie showed, its likes page, bob, put her picture back on and dont link up, shrugged hollie, bob hollie showed, its indecision, she said, thats her doing many things, but, she, her face was blue, hollie drove his tank, she hollie shows up in blue like bug face, hollie showed, its new, focus s.v.t., God and hollie said, lets motor, she said, like angelic hollie, in, its almost, two hundred and fifty horsepower out of, its four cyclinder engine, thats turbo charged, thats hollie smoking front tire,


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روح الله دخلت جسدي، كهيئة، بالضبط مقاسي، معمودية الروح القدس , θεός. το άγιο πνεύμα, εισήλθε στο σώμα μου, σαν ένα σώμα, τέλειο μέγεθος ,


神は私の体の中に来た . としてボディ。の完璧サイズ。 , به عنوان یک بدن. اندازه دقیق بدن من. خدا به وارد شده به بدن من. خدا داخل داخل بدن من است , ผีศักดิ์สิทธิ์มาเข้าไปในข้าพเจ้า ร่างกาย เช่นอะร่างกาย, ที่สมบูรณ์แบบขนาด , tuhan di dalam saya badan . tuhan datang ke dalam saya badan , seperti seorang badan. sama saiz , ღმერთი, სულიწმინდის მოვიდა შიგნით ჩემს სხეულს, როგორც ა ორგანო. იგივე ზომა. ნათლობა სულიწმინდის , רוח אלוהים נכנסה לתוך הגוף שלי, כמו א גוף, הגודל המושלם שלי , 하나님들어왔다의 정신이 내 몸, 처럼몸. 내 완벽 한 크기. 하나님은 내 몸의 내부 , 上帝是我的身體裡。 上帝的進入了我的身體就作為一個體, 完美的大小. , Duh Sveti je došao u moje tijelo, kao tijelo. iste veličine. , ایک جسم کے طور پر، کامل سائز. خدا میرے جسم داخل، , தேவனுடைய ஆவி, நுழைந்தது என் உட, போல் ஒரு உடல், பூரணமான அளவு , देवाच्या आत्मा माझ्या शरीरात प्रवेश केला, एक शरीर म्हणून, अचूक आकार , Roho wa Mungu, aliingia katika mwili wangu, kama mwili, sawa na ukubwa kama mimi , ঈশ্বরের আত্মা একটি শরীরের মত আমার শরীরের মধ্যে এসেছেন, নিখুঁত আকার. পবিত্র আত্মা ব্যাপ্টিজিম , परमेश्वर का आत्मा में आया मेरे शरीर, एक के रूप में शरीर, एकदम सही का आकार , Aynı boyutta bedenimde olduğu gibi, Tanrı beni içine girdi , Allah lumebu ing awak minangka awak, ukuran padha ,

mr. fondles enters my body and plsysvwith my penis al dsy. God is Mr fondles. God's a pervert who wants sex said...

روح الله دخلت جسدي، كهيئة، بالضبط مقاسي، معمودية الروح القدس , θεός. το άγιο πνεύμα, εισήλθε στο σώμα μου, σαν ένα σώμα, τέλειο μέγεθος , spirito di Dio è entrato mio corpo, come un corpo, stesse dimensioni , Chúa đã bước vào của tôi cơ thể , như một cơ thể . như nhau kích thước , 神は私の体に入ってきた。としてボディ。の完璧サイズ。それは聖霊のバプテスマです , Tuhan. Roh Kudus telah memasuki menjadi saya tubuh , sebagai tubuh, sempurna ukuran , ผีศักดิ์สิทธิ์มาเข้าไปในข้าพเจ้า ร่างกาย เช่นอะร่างกาย, ที่สมบูรณ์แบบขนาด , tuhan di dalam saya badan . tuhan datang ke dalam saya badan , seperti seorang badan. sama saiz , ღმერთი, სულიწმინდის მოვიდა შიგნით ჩემს სხეულს, როგორც ა ორგანო. იგივე ზომა. ნათლობა სულიწმინდის , به عنوان یک بدن. اندازه دقیق بدن من. خدا به وارد شده به بدن من. خدا داخل داخل بدن من است , רוח אלוהים נכנסה לתוך הגוף שלי, כמו א גוף, הגודל המושלם שלי , 하나님들어왔다의 정신이 내 몸, 처럼몸. 내 완벽 한 크기. 하나님은 내 몸의 내부 , 上帝是我的身體裡。 上帝的進入了我的身體就作為一個體, 完美的大小. , Duh Sveti je došao u moje tijelo, kao tijelo. iste veličine. , Свети Дух је дошао у моје тело, као тело, исте величине , ایک جسم کے طور پر، کامل سائز. خدا میرے جسم داخل، , isten lépett én test, mint egy test, a tökéletes méretű. Szentlélek keresztség , Dumnezeu a intrat în meu corp, ca un corp, perfecta marimea. Sfânt Duhul botezul , Duch Święty przyszedł wewnątrz mojego ciała, jak A ciało, idealny rozmiar. Bóg jest w moim ciało , бог всередині мого тіла. бог увійшов в моє тіло, як тіло. ідеальний розмір , Gud är i min kropp. Gud kom in i min kropp, som en kropp, min perfekta storleken , Guds ånd indtastet min krop som en krop, min samme størrelse. Helligånden dåb , Бог влезе моето тело како тело, иста големина. крштевањето на Светиот Дух , Duch Svätý prišiel do môjho tela ako elektrický muža, rovnakej veľkosti , Duch Svätý prišiel do môjho tela ako elektrický muža, rovnakej veľkosti , Дух Божият влезе ми тялото , като a тяло, перфектно размер. Бог е вътре в тялото , Banal na Espiritu ipinasok ang aking katawan tulad isang katawan , perpektong laki , Pyhä Henki tuli sisään, minun elin, kuten a elin, täydellinen koko. Jumala on minussa , Pyhä Henki tuli sisään, minun elin, kuten a elin, täydellinen , தேவனுடைய ஆவி, நுழைந்தது என் உட, போல் ஒரு உடல், பூரணமான அளவு , देवाच्या आत्मा माझ्या शरीरात प्रवेश केला, एक शरीर म्हणून, अचूक आकार , Heilagur andi kom inn í líkama minn, eins og rafmagns líkama, nákvæmlega stærð líkama míns , Tanrı'nın ruhu, girdi benim vücut, bir gibi vücut, benim mükemmel boyutu , Бурханы сүнс орж ирсэн Миний бие дотор, нэгэн адил, нь, байгууллага, адил хэмжээтэй , Бурханы сүнс орж ирсэн Миний бие дотор, нэгэн адил, нь, байгууллага, адил хэмжээтэй , ঈশ্বরের আত্মা একটি শরীরের মত আমার শরীরের মধ্যে এসেছেন, নিখুঁত আকার. পবিত্র আত্মা ব্যাপ্টিজিম , परमेश्वर का आत्मा में आया मेरे शरीर, एक के रूप में शरीर, एकदम सही का आकार , Allah lumebu ing awak minangka awak, ukuran padha , Дух Божий вошел мое тело, как тело, идеальный размера. Крещение святым духом , Aynı boyutta bedenimde olduğu gibi, Tanrı beni içine girdi , Aynı boyutta bedenimde olduğu gibi, Tanrı beni içine girdi ,