bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Sunday, January 15, 2012

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bob hickman tells about holy Ghost came into him like a body perfect size and how Jesus tortured him Jesus tries to me perfect servant perish-vision received 2-21-2012-in this vision I saw JEsus and he said something like, "I tried to make you perish".

(1)turn-vision received 1-17-2012-while driving I saw the upper part of hollie appear and she showed turn, may have had golden hand and burgundy sweatshirt on.

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people, ministering spirits, and prophetic scenes and the spirits described: hollie chewed bubble gum, found on floor, bob its you and speedway woman having sex, she loved it but doesnt show it, hey you know what I want, she said, thats bob appearing, git the phone, thats, its, Gods hammo sang, main ministering spirit, holding phone, yes, its speedway woman appearing, sex, they have, hollie saw but didnt care, then got happy, but, another hollie comes out, changed, hollie comes out, showed, its new world order apostolic church, round, head angel comes out of front, hollie showed, its front part but angel changed, to unhappy face, hollie showed, Gods hammo keeps singing, hes happy, like angelic head himself, hollie changes, burgundy sweatshirt and its dark gray pants, hollie showed, when ya gonna eat again, bob thats moodie and girl from speedway having sex, it will, hollie got word, not occur, thats the laptop sound, thats what hollie said, him, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sang, showed, its don, not wanting messed with, I dont know how to put this hollie said, like light hollie, but, all, turned golden color, hollie showed turn, my hand got longer, like shaft, hollie sang, like, black, somewhat unseen hollie, burgundy sweatshirt on, like light gray pants, Jesus speaks to her, she shakes yes, appearing, head disappearing, and appearing, hollie, same came out, showed, its changing, God hammo showed, eat, like white angelic face, head, hollie showed, record, Gods hammo appeared, like, white angelic, its buske, hollie said, face, head, kneck, thats people, its chatroom ministryofdreams, like Gods hammo, changing into but hollie comes out, its only partial, bob, they are trembling, hollie said, what for, hollie said, smiled, golden face, burgundy, sweatshirt on, Gods hammo, sang, its beast, popes image appearing on finger, whats that hollie said, Gods hammo, sang, its, new world order apostolic church, licking the prophet, hollie showed, its big round face coming out, its, the, front part, she said, eat lysine, hollie said, bit, ate, celery, but turned, hammo like white angelic man, 2-12-13-14-bobby its time, hollie said, its me, she said, pointed, at billboard sign, with her on, but hollie on the ground disappeared, put it under, hollie be quiet, see your face bob, i'm destroying you no matter what you do, put it on, God said, thats, hollie on billboard, changing colors, showing, its, God entered into bob hickman like body perfect size, thats, message appearing, hollie with Jesus inside, showing, eat, bobby your message is not gitting out, thats blogtalk radio, ministryofdreams, hey, its like Gods new hammo, hollie said, like angelic head, kneck, showed, eat, something, bob, thats Jesus turned to side, rubbing chin, thats, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie sees, but, Gods new Father hammo laughs, hes angelic head, bob, God caused your face to be, its ruint, hollie said, to tempt you, now you are launching out to become, lets rule the world, putin, sang, its time, Jesus sprinkles, bob its your billboard, hollie said, thats, bob, driving to, its clear channel, stamps, hollie, wearing white clothes, then, thats Jesus looking and repenting, but bob continues to drive, wheres my wife, thats bob showing up, at, clear channel outdoor advertising, hollie said, and, walking in, thats, janette on phone, bob your getting tough, now, hollie said, thats, God, wont endure, thats billboard sign, up, and, its, lammar outdoor advertising, hollie on sign, shes content, it ruint, hollie said, thats Jesus, appearing, its, I perseuted, Jesus, said, I ruint your face, deseased your gums, challenged, ruint, marriage, till I restored, seven fold, but bob you became impatient with me saith God, I started before you got saved and now its been over twenty years, you are going to, ruint me, Jesus said, thats bob fighting God down, and its smokey america, nuclear fire in, hey, theres Gods new hammo hollie said, hes, like angelic light being, walking with others, hey its looting hollie said, its under econonic collapse, here, barack obama said, thats marine guard, rushing hollie out, she wore plad coat, I really dont need you hollie said, clapping and its tap dancing, many, hollies, but one lighted, acting like pope, like angel hollie, hollie slapt his face, another, hollie showed, ruint, coming out, but, his face not formed to well yet, but, his isnt either, thats hollie on billboard, partially green, and, lighter color in palms, she, thats her pulling in piles of money, hollie that was on billboard showed, go inside church, sit down and, be quiet, bob, hollie said, showed, go home, burgundy sweatshirt on but angelic hammohead appeared, another, seen, hollie screamed, then shook, head, stomped foot but became like cat hollie, its boo hum, hollie said, light shinned in darkness, its him, she said, he hollie, long pointy nose, janette appeared there to, red plad coat on, but more there, hollie showed turn, golden hand, only seen, but rest appeared, golden face, long nose, showed, when ya gonna eat something, she said, nice hair, bob, hollie with nice hair said but its him with nice hair appearing, hollie showed, its, hollie on billboard sign, looking down, only hands seen, from hollie showing, but rest appeared red sweatshirt on, white hands, big, hollie laid down, on side, white face, hollie screamed, thought about which way to go, hammo, a she one said, did convey, hollie said, look, hollie said, showed, turn, she showed, picture, its Father, new clothes on, but hollie showed, only half way seen, another, hollie showed lay down, but clapped hands, got back up, hollie showed, be gentle, she said, showed, 11-2-2013-bob, hollie shook head, showed, have sex, its janette, you both having, and her staying, you wont make me look like a fool forever, put it under, bob when angel calls, hollie said, go to church and hug, but say no to any offer, hollie bit lid off, not seen, but it appeared, was there, bobby hollie showed, dont go today, wait untill, thats sores on face, they heal, hollie said, there, she had some weight back on, looked cute but little heavy set, hollie went to thorntons, she got drink, hollie showed, go, she appeared, showed, bob walk in, its jewish synogogue, there wont be many there, its be sweat, they are affeared, its americans, you, she said, your elijah to them, hollie screamed, showed, just sit in church, be still, thats, its rabbi, pastor, hes liking you there, bobby you see the, hebrew congregation, God said, see the hebrew congregation, hollie said, just head appeared in fan, its him, affearing to, like, what, theres three hundred jews there, bob look good when you go there, thats jewish woman with, watch, tear up, hollie said, then, opened hands, pictures appeared, hollie went, its him like happy thing hollie like coyote somewhat but not quite, its both beasts, theres hu hintao and its, pope but, bob, hollie clapped, its another, more then one session, its pages, thats them flipping, new hollie hammo appear in profile picture, its like, hollie came out, somewhat faded, its him, but, hollie thought, not quite, like golden hair, nose, beak like but not really, happy but hollie thought, somethings wrong, hollie thought, bob thats page, no profile picture but shadow of, different hollie, blue with lighter blue background, its bob, those pages index, thats people see but understanding, its accurate, 11-3-2013-bob, hollie gave man food, be nice to, thats her getting into, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, clapped, dumpster, taking out, its grub, hollie saluted, its the titanic, bob, hollie showed time, light watch on hand, Jesus on like cat, big red gloved hand, here she comes, this is hollie, she is there with world, bob angelic face appeared on, world, turning white, its going back now, hollie claps, scene, but so did she, its she sang, 11-6-2013-hollie showed, bob its time, go, she showed, light watch on, its him, appearing, but Jesus like cat on, lighted dial, bob, hollie said, go to church, go now, sh, she said, dont tell him, om the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, hollie showed, its ship, going by, its hey hollie thought, rubbed head, hand not seen but, it was there, thats almost seven thousand people on, its, hollie saw, a german soldier, its, bob they used it, hollie said, to try to escape, thats russia invading, its germany and thats hitler getting shot but wanting people to think suicide, it was hollie showed, om sealing the mystery, thats, adolf hitler, sitting at, its, Gods interviewing table, turning into almost, almost bluish face, like cloud, its, hollie said, round, like, layered, blues, light, thats it, hollie said, she went back and thought, you had more then enough, thats hitler, i know, but back to, thats, the, m.s. wilhelm gustloff ship, its, eyes appearing on front, its happy, but thats, russian torpedoes striking and ship starting to list, hollie thought, there it is, lying on sea now, hollie showed turn, bob dont be in hurry, hollie said, light watch on hand, its on arm, its bright dial, hollie saw, its turkey, ghost man, hollie said, its travellers, showed, insurance, thats its umbrella, eyes appearing on like umbrella hammo, thats hammo showing, its, s.s. lusitania, its captain, thats ship starting to sink, its your fault captain turner, its the tap dancers, hollie said, many cats, they were dressed like, its sports figures, tap dancing in line, holding hands, it, hollie said, showed, next church, bob its a deal at fifty thousand dollars, buy, with vino nuevo money, put it under, now bob had another church but no bank account, turn, hollie showed, both hands, 12-3-2013-bob, now hear me, God said, hollie comes out, hands raised, bob your new note, hollie said, it will be in, hollie went hammo, like angelic being, and, spinning went on, God said, like white something spinning, and, children, they see, and wonder, but do tell, and people tremble, bob, its the churches, now, saith God, and people will wonder, and want you to come over, but you wont and will laugh, saith God, but people will tell you something, they dont care and when you find out, thats peoples running and angel watching, laughing, like white man, of light, but over weight, angel showed, its, im the beast, its, pope, hollie said, did say, bob, arm showed time, hollie appeared, get it on, and watch, its romanian, now, and people will laugh, and not seek, but, will go to church, and laugh, and have fun, just like always, but, but, uto, hollie said, its, them, getting angry, and police department in romania, looking at, Lord, these arent criminal charges, cop said, but he, shows, president, thats president of romania, lets outlaw, he and God said, its, romania, out lawing, christianity, first, God said, just watch, its on cnn, its cnn news reporter, bob you got it, God said, thats, president of romania, telling why, and christians in romania, lord what will we do, but, knowing, looking at his watch, it must be the end of times, he said, bob now people in romania, are, seeing, i the lord, gave gum disease, I cause wars, and tease in church, by falling on, and talking to, but not saving, im messed up, saith God, put it on, God said, showed, his watch, looked at, like angelic, God man, thing, bob, bobby, its your not in trouble, its, hollie said, she said, babyflea appeared, bit, its kevin, hes, showed cut off, get him out, saith, he doesnt know anything is wrong, but just wonders, but, thinks, its my old account, it is, but, hollie, its absorbs, shes, laughing, but he wants back, and thats bob, in jail, but, he wont, you will dump, soon, put it under, lets, many said, its he hollie, appearing, knowing, its, time, showed cut off, get a new, but, dont leave old, change old profile picture, and leave him alone, block, its, hollie said, but, Jesus showed time, now you are, reaching, bob, for, its romania, the land of, hollie and God said, it shook, hollie comes out, like hammo hollie, thats, like, avalanch, the whole world, now, hollie saw it, spinning, but big Jesus came out, and it was small, but now, thats it shaking, bob, its your doing it, hollie said, now you are, reaching for search engines, thats, its, many said, search engine hammo, like, changed to birdy, and, many are finding, out, saith God, bob, now hear the world of the lord, people will see, and tremble, and its not worth it, hollie and God said, and I can repair, what I did, saith God, but I wont, till I want to, but i will be ruint, cause of you, saith the Lord, he knows your off, but when you come back on, what happened, is what he wants, tell him, i dont know, but, be my friend or dont, saith God, bob, hollie said, get recording, she said, burgundy sweat shirt on, bob I the lord am ripping your face now and laughing at you, and you, cant do one thing about it but tell on me and I dont the lord dont care, I shoot in gum desease and fondle you and tease you in visions, when i appear cause I hate people and I dont care what the world thinks, put this on saith God, I caused tooth loss, all over the world, and I teased in churches, by keeping people strong but not saving, I hated people and I needed world to end saith God, hollie comes out, showed, it was Jesus, spoke it, hollie showed, eat, burgundy sweatshirt on, pants changing colors, hollie showed turn, lighted golden hand, 12-4-2013-bob, hollie showed time, burgundy sweat shirt on, light watch, Jesus on dial, with, big red gloved hands, bob, hollie comes out, your note, its in, the, arab, search engines, just as soon, as you promote, hollie said, put it under, lets many said, did speak, God said, bob, hollie showed, God said, its time, both said, she had on, burgundy sweat shirt, God said, its brown, hollie said, but went red, then burgundy again, put it under, lets, many said, God said, bob, hollie showed, eat again, when ya, she said, bob, hollie showed, its kevin, just unfriend, she let go, bob, hollie showed, just beleive kevin, hes not going no where, but, you wont believe, leave alone, tell him before, and I stamp, she said, is beast, pope carriage, coming out, pulled by, hollie showed, black horses, she was with, both happy but black horse stomped, hollie screamed, showed, its kevin, hes happy, but showed, soon, its police, if he calls, nothing, boo hollie said, showed, its many, hims, angelic beings, they all look same, but none happy, white light, drawings of angels, bob its him, account, get him off, then started getting happy, you will, hollie showed, its taiwan, bobby use the taiwan account, there it is on zero catch, find, she put that as taiwan page, boo hummer hollie said, bummed out, no, head in hands, burgundy sweatshirt on, pants dark color, but seemed to change, 12-6-2013-she said, git goin, many said, God said, hollie appeared, laughing, showing walk, burgundy sweatshirt on, bob its taiwan, hollie said, showed, its woman, there, shes, troubled, bob its you, she said, you want to marry, then me, but I wont want you, its kelly, she wants you, but, afraid, heres why, shes, older, God said, spoke it, hollie said, her flower, gone, afraid, you will dump, and you wont saith God, heres the sign, she will call you and invite you for dinner and you will go, but not eat, but she will talk and marry, then, that day, saith God, tell her, now hear the word of trhe lord, ha ha, now that you know me, tell people, watch me, saith God, end the world, cause this servant, is, ruining the whole world, and now you know, its, all over planet now, and I didnt repent saith God, bob hollie showed, its page, peoples christian church, angel appearing in profile, and I stamp, hollie said, she was partially seen, showed, they dont, bob, your page, but in time, becomes horn page, its first, theres angel in profile picture, its changing from peoples christian church, its same angel, with horn in head, it has eyes, had a sneaky face, it showed, white face, i am God, he said, horn in angel, head,