bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good pentecostal afternoon, the pentecostal librarian

12-10-2011-its tina knobby, hollie and another, said, its, doreen, sticking head out, she calls, and, they said, lets marry, tina said, put it under, thats bob hickman and tina knobby marrying, she is who I've chosen, Jesus, spoke, hollie said, and appeared, let me, record, hey, bobby, hollie said, burgundy sweatshirt on, mouth open, hollie saw, its pile of food, she got into, dumpster but got caught but got out quick, bobby heres the deal, hollie said, pointed, up, JEsus came, was high above, its glorious white robe, splendor, hollie said, thats world below, happy, bob your causing it, hollie said, thats, world below, happy, white face, but people in asia trembling, at, its, bob, appearing, burgundy sweatshirt on, your on, hollie said, its, moodie and janette fucking, but moodie happy, janette not caring, moodie showed, bob get food, she saw, its pile of different snacks, hey theres Gods hammo appearing, hes like stuff like that like angelic head, white light, hollie showed, turn, big lighted head, thats it, hollie said, the asian angel appearing, hes like blue, hammo head, angelic baby like being, but angry, had teeth coming out, showed, its asia said, hollie, thats nuclear fires appearing, and its, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hollie said, its, theres Gods hammo, like, white angelic face, its, hollie hegoat, changed into pope, like angel of light, with goat horns, its, kings coming out, theres hu hintao out of one with, his flower, light, and its putin, medvedev and pope out of other, thats hegoat charging, stomping ram, its, nuclear fires breaking out, hollie said, there in russia and china, thats two horned beast rising, theres hintao and emperor of japan, its empy, hollie said, coming out, thats 666 being signed for between these three kings, theres pope and, its hu hintao, and another, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, but then showed, keep going, hand not seen but was there, its like lighted outlines appeared all around, and, its blue, raise your hands and repeat after me, hey, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes white angelic face, blinking, but, eyes already shut, then open, thinning hair, look hollie said, its, the, pope, hollie showed, picture, but he looked, like up to something, what kind of website, does, hollie want, many, ministering spirits said, you got some, moodie said, playing, music, thats pope in the fire, its, i'm his cargiver said, many, ministering spirits said, caregiver wears pointy blue hat, robe, big mouth, thats uh new angelic hollie showed, turn, wearing blues clothes, pointy hat, hollie showed, turn, this is Jesus, but another, hollie showed, go other way, lighted, raise your mantle and repeat after, russia is the bear father, sang, its Gods hammo, with, many, its ministering spirits coming from behind, hes tall angelic being man, hey, its, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, like baby angelic head, hollie appeared, hollie showed, cold, thats furnace angel like sun like angel, showing, shaking on furnace, and thats furnace coming on, and hey theres Gods hammo coming out, hes like part of furnace, hollie put new filters in, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob, walk at walmart, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey, look, theres, Gods hammo, hollie said, she had red plad coat on, boo, its they chanted hollie said, showed, walk at walmart, its them, their on uh hill, raise your hands and repeat after me, sang, hey, look, its, hollie said, theres Gods new hammo, hollie said, like, angelic being, thinning hair, winking, but golden like closed eye but other eye shut hollie showed, hollie screamed, bobby stay up, hollie said, but clapped golden hands, but, hands were, another, comes out, not shaped right, three fingers but more appeared,

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