bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the visions prophetic exploration, feeling visions

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 7-30-2009-hollie, showed, broke, interviewed, bobby, said, hollie, work, said, hollie, thus speaketh the LOrd of hosts, seek salvation and live saith Jesus, I AM He who liveth, and Am alive, forevermore, and have the keys, of death and the grave, saith the LOrd, seek, salvation, and live, or, perish, saith, Him, who, Is, and, Was, and, Will, always, be, thus saith the Lord, of hosts, use, this website provider, its webstarts, said, Jesus, hollie showed, turn, this is warning, said, hollie, lets post, she said, showed, move, bob, this the website, said, hollie, post, said, hollie, and, Jesus, tell me what the vision said, hollie, said, with, hollie smiles, wipes lips, its soumb, cindy sings, thats ronnie james dio looking at computer, with its glasses, on, said, hollie, showed, glasses, hollie claps, with, white robe on, hollie showed, furniture, wearing white robe, with an i, not a, hollie screams, again, stamped, showed beast rising, hollie pointed turn, hollie showed, turn, hollie in, the, fire, that, hollie, said, beast arose, hes pontiff, bobby, said, hollie, showed, eat, had chicken, hollie showed, record, bam, she, said, I stamped, hollie said, pope, rose, this is it, said, hollie, bob, claps, hollie, picture, of hu hintao, appears, hollie relaxes, in, white robe, there, you, have it, she, said, both beasts, hollie stamps, and james, said, hollie, pointed, with, lighted, finger, laverne, tyson, this is hollie, with, that o loose belt, some, theres, uh submarine, right, there, said, hollie, and hollie wipes lips, it was simb, she, said, with, sandys voice, hollie, surfaces in, its akula that what you want, said, hollie, fired missiles, look who it struck, said, hollie, its, gaza, two, hollie, looks, thru aimer, he, said, fires, thats, the palestinian state, im persecuting you, torturing, to make your life of sacrifice to me saith the Lord a waste, ill tell people you backslid, but I caused you to, torturing for years, deseasing gums, tightening face muscles, causing eye damage, hair loss, carressing penus with electricity, laughing at you in visions, scaring, threatening, in, visions, I will do it to all, especially when they get old after they sacrificed all saith Jesus, fast until death, I offend you all day, hurt you deep in heart to laugh, I, want you to backslide so I can tell others you fell after i gave all, I lie saith the Lord, im going to lie to others telling them what I want them to think, strong delusioning them, teasing, like you, perish for the bretherns sake saith Jesus, I will make you perish then I will laugh at you, this is ROMANS 1 saith the Lord, making them fall, after saving, most perished, cause I tortured every day till they backslided, no, said, hollie, showed, away with, but, shook, yes, I turned around, she said, hollie tattood 666, painted, with brush, hollie showed, picture, pope, then, hu, hintao, there you have it, said, hollie, clapped, both beasts,

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