bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the tell of an apostolic truck driver

12-20-2009-bobby, let me, said, hollie, showed, record, and, I, stamped, hollie, said, beat hand, up rose, pope, theres hu hintao, hollie, said, there, she, sid, you have it, both beasts, hollie relaxes, please let me, said, hollie, with, Jesus inside, showing record, hollie screamed, again, hollie, with, Jesus inside, showed, record, and, I stamped, said, hollie, up rose, the, pontiff riding, black horse, its into, said, pope, russia, exploded, thats, pontiff, signing, uh deal, said, medvedev, hollie showed, sanyo two piece stereo receiver, theres power meters, on, amplifier, buy those, said, hollie, cause, its worth, hollie, showed, about, 300 dollars, im uh vision lets post, said, hollie, this is, uh warning, hollie, said, showed, eat, hollie, was tap dancing, showing, much, stuff, thats beast, the new world order, hollie looks, its, chariot, pulled by, angry, horses, black and red, thats black horse showing popes picture, smiles, stomps foot, hollie, snaps fingers, thats red horse, showing, false prophet hu hintaos picture, there, you have it, said, hollie, relaxes, both beasts, what do you want, said, hollie, hollie, shows pioneer sx-437 stereo receiver, buy one, she, said, it, puts out 15 watts per channel, hollie, showed, record, thats, copter, its bladder, said, hollie, flown by gabriel, tips hat, hi its me again, gabriel, said, hes, arch, hollie, said, thats gabriel flying, getting message from, Jesus, hollie, showed, realistic sta-64 stereo receiver, buy one, she, said, they put out 18 watts per channel, they were as good as any made, submarines are right there, said, hollie, now look, hollie, said, its akula, hollie, said, thats what you want, needed, she, said, with, captain hollie, fired, thats gaza on fire, turns, thats iraq burning, putin rises, points, lets rule the world, he, said, thats vladimir putin picking the pioneer sx-450 stereo reciever, I warned, you, said, Jesus, hollie, shows book, ministry of dreams, its written by bob hickman, hollie, said, start writing, she, said, hollie, showed, record, were just visions, we cant post, said, hollie, thats hollie posting on laptop, hollie screams, that was bear licking prophet, happy, this is vision lets post, said, Jesus, hollie, showed, turn, heres uh warning, said, Jesus, thats, the, vision, said, hollie, o said the wilhelm gustloff ship, red hand shows three torpedoes hitting, exploding, dont tell me about the marine corp. said hollie, thats angel marines with silhouette faces in streets, its the last sign, u.s.a., said, hollie, stop it, thats, what, hollie, said, russia, said, hollie, spinkled, thats, bear, arising, looking, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, exploding, theres france, casey shows, france, burning, and, rockets leaving both their submarines, both with captain hollie, striking russia, exploded, thats uh double blade copter, said, hollie, italy below exploded, and, one missiles leaving italy, striking russia, exploded, write the vision, said, hollie, thats, australia below exploding, and missile leaving australia, russia, burned, that was said, hollie, submarines all around america, thats one, firing, explosion in, california, hollie claps, watching on, cnn, then, all, fire, both, american coasts exploded, let me git, said, hollie anchor man, thats, hollie, in his copter, thats, nuclear explosion in canada, then whole american center, exploded, thats barack typeing, after listening, thats, about, uh hundred minuteman 111 nuclear rockets taking off, thats russia exploding, thats, captain, hollie, its, akula again, thats, what, you want, needed, said, hollie, its, captain hollie, in, three ohio class subs, launcing trident missiles, russia exploded, thats world shaking, and up rose the pontiff, theres hu hintao, thats emporer of japan, thats slash, pontiff, hollie said, post, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, bob leave the, pulse pen alone, said, hollie, had pulse pen, they write, she, said, record, but, when transfering, they dont, hollie showed, words wont be like typed, computer wont accept it, hollie, showed, pulse pen, dont buy, it, she, said, your wanted on, the, telephone, said, Jesus, hollie, picks up phone, there, said, Jesus, hollie like vampire, laughs, shows, both beasts, theres, pope, on, black horse, and, hu, hintao, on red horse, its, drawings said hollie, there, she, said, and, I, summed it up, she, said, hollie pulls ship, its queen mary two, its, longest, hollie thinks, gabriel beat the drum, hes arch, said, hollie, showed, flash drive, bobby, said, hollie, showed, dont, hollie, showed, lay down, its in your ring, said, Jesus, thats an order, said, hollie, in ring, that, he, said, hollie showed, lay down,

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