bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

submarines and warships, the pentecostal affair

visions of ministering spirits-8-28-2009-hollie showed, the beast, the antichrist, hes, pope, there, said, hollie, banged, stick, hollie like vampire, appears, shes dressed like maid, happy, hollie showed, with big hand, and, its whale wars, they, are, not, taking, enough money in, this is uh decision, said, hollie, she stamped, with lighted stick, and up rose the, pope, like angel, of light, there, said, hollie, put it on, wikipedia, hollie shows, chew gum, it works facial muscles, war, said, Jesus, hollie shows, hu hintao, thats, him riding, happy, red horse, hollie claps, taiwan exploded, thats, hu on, sad, then happy, hollie snapped, fingers, and I clicked heels, she said, red horse, then horse had silhouette face, then in, out, horse, stomps, shows play music, smiles, shows, attack washington state, thats silhouette horse, white, Jesus rides, bob that myspace will not stay up, said, hollie, and, hollie wipes lips, hollie plays music, thats, hollie, lowered on rope, california below exploded, thats both american coasts, exploding, hollie, lowered on rope, angel flys copter, then, whole american nation explodes, hollie showed, record, hollie, stamped, this is wishion, post, said, hollie, and new ministry of dreams website appears, hollie snaps, fingers, lighted, this is website, lets post, said, hollie, and all ministryofdreams website appear, one had silhouette face, then face starts appearing, then back, hollie claps, thats pope riding black horse, hu hintao, riding red, thats, Jesus, on white horse, grim reaper laughs, on grizzled horse, thats russia exploding, pope rides black horse, thats pontiff, signing, getting control of nuclear arsenal, hollie claps, flatter him, pontiff, said, thats ten horns on putins head, lets rule the world sang vladimir, said, medvedev, showed let me, that, was, hollie lowered on rope, angel flys helicopter, russia below exploded, thats many fireballs in russia, now look, said, hollie, thats, captain hollie in nuclear missile submarines firing, many, thats hollie showing many fireballs in russia, and spinning the world, thats italy exploding, theres france burning, thats two explosions in australia, and canada, eploding, one, hollie, points, up, lighted, finger, shruggs, shows, hollie, thats, great britain being showered with thermo nukes, america exploded, hollie laughs watching, on, its, she said, pointed, up, t.v., hollie showed saturn car, they are excellent, will last about, hollie stamps, two hundred thousand reliable miles, I have uh decision, said, hollie, thats hollie driving to watertown, wisconsin, hollie, showed, with big hand, lighted, whale wars, paul watson, pocketing, the lute said watson, hollie showed, lawrence apostolic church, wiped lips, hollie showed, facebook, its opened, said, woman, sixth seal, smoke goes up, hollie, watches, thats, submarines, all around u.s.a., one fires, hollie laughs watching on cnn, thats, nuclear fire in, california state, pointed, hollie, and hollie laughs watching on t.v., then subs open fire, thats henry gruver looking at america, both coasts explode, thats from high in the air, hollie snaps, fingers, showed, time, one sub fires, then, all, both american coasts exploded, thats the middle exploding, hollie claps, thats nuclear fire in canada from, hollie points, russian, jet, then america exploded, its the judgment to babylon said michael boldea, thats alome suhlyin said, hollie, and hollie wiped lips, hollie played music, you did not want no more website, said, hollie, clapped, and new ministry of dreams website appears, its wiki, said, hollie, hollie showed, record, banged, hand, stamped, with lighted stick, that was submarines, whispered, hollie, all around, said, the Lord, u.s.a., one, fires, then, all, thats massive explosion, said, the Lord, dark, like, light, hand, finger, both american coasts, exploded, hollie showed, the pope, said, the Lord, hes, said, hollie, antichrist, said, the Lord, thats, said, hollie, antichrist, riding horse, black, said, Jesus, russia, exploded, put it on myspace, shh, said, hollie, be quiet, Jesus appears, hollie shows, walk, its, good exercise, thats, said, hollie, new, ministryofdreams website, thats, old ministry of dreams website, on rocket, said, hollie, its taiwan, exploding, marie, said, hollie, shes transforming, thats hollie dream clapping, hey bobby let me, said, marie, hollie showed, record, thats captain smith, titanic, scrapping iceberg, it, sank, seems, like movie, said, hollie, and JEsus, Jesus came up up, said, hollie like, out of whirlwind, it, said, hollie, swirled, hollie showed, record, beat, she, said, up rose, pope, hes, I am, God, but, comes to his end, thats in, israel, pope slashed, thats hu hintao, doing, hes false prophet, said, hollie, nicaragua said, Jesus, exploded, and he saw, said, casey, meerkat, appears, and meerkat, said, the Lord, hollie points, snaps, fingers, c'mon, said, hollie, then pulled ship, busted, hollie, she, said, hollie, shook, head, its hard, she said, thats many hollie busting, ship, (1)pray-vision recieved 12-29-2003-while driving, I saw a girl in a vision, and she said, "pray bob".
(2)praying for a wife-vision recieved 12-30-2003-I was praying for a wife, and I saw an old friend in a vision, that I would probably marry, and she said, "come see me".(I can-not marry a woman that does not live for Jesus)
(3)cut-off-vision recieved 12-30-2003-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "HE cut me off".

(4)store closed-vision recieved 12-2003-in this vision, I saw a friend, and he said, "I closed the store".
(5)interesting-vision recieved 12-31-2003-in this vision, I saw this man, and he said, "interesting".
(6)him again-vision recieved 12-31-2003-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "it's you again".
(7)you my prophet-vision recieved 12-31-2003-in this vision, I saw a man that had dark brown curly hair and beard, and he said, "your my prophet".
(8)Whitney Houston-vision recieved about 1999-in this vision while praying, I saw Whitney Houston, and I heard these words, "cut off".
(9)accepted-vision recieved 12-31-2003-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "I accept you".
(11)India-vision recieved 1-1-2004-in this vision, I saw the prime minister of India, and he said, "india".
(11)are you coming-visions recieved 1-1-2004-in these visions, I saw this pastor, and he said, "are you coming".
(12)sunday-vision recieved 1-1-2004-in this vision, I saw this pastor, and he said, "come see me sunday", and I just now saw him again, and he said, "yea"
(13)preacher-vision recieved 1-2-2004-in this vision, I saw a preacher, and he said, "preacher".
(14)no-vision recieved 1-2-2004-I worked yesterday for a long time on a project, and I prayed and asked Jesus if it really amounted to anything, and in a vision, I saw this mouth, and it said, "no".
(15)christianity-vision recieved 1-2-2004-in this vision, I saw myself, and I said, "I'm a christian".
(16)your sweet-vision recieved late 2003 or early 2004-in this vision, I saw this young girl, and she said, "your sweet".

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