bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size

bob hickman is the man Jesus entered like body perfect size
the holy Ghost Jesus entered my body like a body my exact size coming inside of me, which is the born again experience in ACTS 2:38, where the command, was, to, repent, and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ, and being filled with the, Holy Ghost with, the evidence of speaking in other tongues, which Jesus inside me moves my mouth and speaks this himself using my mouth and my voicebox, like me coming inside you and having the ability to use your body whenever I want! the worlds only holy ghost filled man is bob hickman

Monday, November 16, 2009

2009/09/its prophecy times, the pentecostal visions hotline, the holy Spirit inside bob hickman like body perfect size working signs and wonders

how Jesus the holy Spirit treats bob hickman after coming inside me like a body my perfect size starting day one, Jesus speaks and does this to me robert hickman-received from holy Ghost which is God Almight Jesus which entered me like a body my perfect size when I was 32-8-6-2011-I the Lord persecute my servants to cause them them to perish starting day one by wrinkling their faces by causing their facial muscles to tighten when they use wrinkling and stretching their face all day and night and even shoot electrical beams in their muscles to cause them to move when sleeping and awake and cause their bodies to heat up like a furnace causing them to perspire and deseasing their gums and caressing their sex organs with electricity causing them erections and tongue tying them making them so they cant speak ruining their chances of marriage and making them loose their jobs and causing them to walk in circles and spin when stopped all day and every day and step and deseasing their bodies and I do this all at the same time and laugh at them in visions and terrifying them in visions and dreams and scaring them by what I saw all to make them perish and insulting them and offending them by what I tell them all day and night ruining their hearts and ruining and mocking them to make them perish saith Jesus aman, and bob hickman tells on me, so if he makes it known to you what I do when you come to me saith Jesus, I will so dont worry, I the Lord causing my servants to fall away after I save them to make them mocked for wasting their whole lives and trusting me saith Jesus,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

all the world is the Jesus christ play ground, the earth is part of Gods body

like a ghost body, the same size as my body, god the holy ghost came into my body, and showed me non stop visions: bob, God said, he is tired, cap this, God said, that's bob taking bath, and, bob in bathtub, do now, tomorrow will come quick, and you will be tired, its swift transport, hollie said, they will road test you, and decide to put, you with, yourself, cause you are ready now, I the Lord will give you a job and send you out, to, come back home, every night, you want that vision, it was him, he showed, use capital God, its for God, shoved over, J, for Jesus, use, hollie said, and I stamp, she said, showed, its beast, pope, hes on the black horse, its, hollie said, I am God, pope, put it under, that, hollie said, saw Russia shaking, bob its you, you are causing, hollie stamps, great falling away, now all of your websites, are getting hits, that's, he saw, hits going out into the world, its the message, God came into my body like a body, perfect size, bob its reaching people, quick, that's world shaking, and people trembling and not knowing what to do, saith God,